Natural Environment Composing

Natural environments are much less dense and active than you’d think. They are much more complex compositionally than you’d think as well. There is no constant drone or background noise, that’s always present. At most, at least on the local trail I walked a few days ago, the sound of the wind in the trees, slowly fades in and out and the birds sound randomly. Occasionally branches rub together, the river laps at the shore and you hear the sound of your own footsteps. Strip away the human elements and the soundspace becomes larger, more diverse and quieter.

Sound placement is everywhere and always randomly moving & shifting. Simple elements, at times with their own echoes, define individual spaces, that you move thru, like traveling a life size wavesequence, slowly shifting from one space to the next. All within a larger, all encompassing, reverberating, master environment. The larger spaces/elements crossfade between each other slowly, while the smaller elements feel a bit more consistent, being mostly similar throughout the entire walk. Although it’s a large variety of smaller elements, you get the sense that they are what hold together the  the sense of location. IE: the woods has (x) specific elements, and these elements, though occurring randomly, generally only occur within the woods. The larger elements seem to hold together the sense of mood.

Silence & Quiet

Silence and quiet are important now. The sounds are slowing down and becoming more sparse. It’s a sleepy quiet little town and I’m out walking more and more, drawn to quieter areas, be it in the woods, on a trail or a quiet nook in town. At times, I see with remarkable clarity, why I have been struggling with finding my musical voice again. My surrounding environment has changed significantly. The stress is much less, the need to escape is much less, so the the old ways of composing don’t really fit the present.
I’ve been trying to compose to escape, to go somewhere, to be somewhere else, but that’s not really needed anymore. I’m more present, more connected, more here. Time to let go of the old voice and explore.


Not sure why I was compelled to renew my subscription to and keep this site active, but I did. There is probably some meaning and reasoning in there, or it could just be gentle guidance. I’ll go with gentle guidance. So here I am typing a post with no real intention other than to type a post and see what happens. The intention is to slow down and and take time to see and hear and listen. So often that is not the case these days. Life sped up reduces time for deep and meaningful experiences.