Wavestation Beginnings

for quite a while, I’ve been attempting to create a Wavestation type instrument in VAZ Modular. I think I have finally gotten on the right track using ramp modules with End Of Cycle outputs. Now we’re getting somewhere.

wavestation 1

each wavetable oscillator can use one shot, looped or wavetable samples. as well as multi-samples (have yet to get that working properly). When using a wavetable, the choice is to scan thru the table using any type of modulation, thru audio rate. OR just pick one of the waves within the table to be used as the oscillator. Creation of the wavetable is quite quick and painless and can be completely custom. Other normal analog style oscillators can be used as well. The key ingredient here is the gate sequence created by the pulser module. Each gate from each pulser module, drives it’s own envelope, that in turn modulates the amp module for each oscillator. Each envelope can be adjusted independantly and the gate time can also be adjusted independently for each oscillator.

In this example, a specific wave from a wavetable of 64 waves, has been selected for osc 1. Then the same for osc 2. osc 3 uses the same wavetable, but it’s start point within the table is different and it is slowly scanning thru it via modulation by the tempo LFO. osc 4 is a vibrato flute sample with loop points. As you listen to the wav file above, you can hear the 1st, 2nd & 4th oscillators repeating themselves, while the osc 3 creates slowly shifting higher frequency sounds.

This patch will evolve a bit more, as I develop it further. I’ll try changing out the manual adsr envelopes with modulatable ADSR envelopes, and get the stereo image to move a bit more with detuning and maybe some subtle chorusing.

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