digital does washes well…but…

So the fixed notes randomly became to complex to design and manage. The analog modular system is more fluid, organic and intuitive. BUT, what digital does do  well, is washes of color. This one is a bit grey. Though it’s still has a “stiff” 2 dimension feel to it, which can be useful..but not quite what I’m looking for.

for example:

Humming Drone 01

Fixed Notes Randomly Selected

fixed notes randomly selected

Inspired by Ladik Modular random CV & Music Thing Modular Turing machine. It’s closer to Turing Machine in terms of random note selection, but that’s as close as it gets (for now). Could maybe add CV to the clock dividers for even more randomness. Working on trying to get the clock triggers to the gate sequencer down to glacial speed without increasing the gate length going into the amp envelope.