Wavestation Beginnings

for quite a while, I’ve been attempting to create a Wavestation type instrument in VAZ Modular. I think I have finally gotten on the right track using ramp modules with End Of Cycle outputs. Now we’re getting somewhere. each wavetable oscillator can use one shot, looped or wavetable samples. as well as multi-samples (have yetContinue reading “Wavestation Beginnings”

What is old is new again

Vaz Modular slowly scanning 2 different wave tables, then fed into a Sync Modular reverb ensemble. Captured directly thru Vaz Modular. Everything running in windows 10. It’s not necessarily the most musical drone, but it does give me more ideas. The Oscilloscope in VAZ is for the wavetable sanning. The one in SynC Modular isContinue reading “What is old is new again”